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Due to COVID-19 Carmeleon Skins is operating strictly on an appointment only basis. You can reach out to us via FB Messenger or Phone to set your appointment up. We are still happy to assist you with quote requests via our form located on our Vinyl Wraps, Tinting or Contact Us page. We appreciate your understanding through all of this.

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We specialize in partial or full color change vinyl wraps on your car, truck, suv, motorcycle and much more. 

Bought a car in a color you are not crazy about? Not a problem - we have hundreds of colors and finishes for you to browse. Love your vehicle and only want to add a few additions to it? Not a problem - a Matte/Satin/Gloss Black roof gives your vehicle an aggressive, sporty look without changing everything about your vehicle. We can also do custom stripe kits, mirror wraps, door handle wraps, chrome deletes, and many more!

 Protect your paint or change up the color of your car. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your next project!

Luxe light tint in various shades and finishes really makes your ride distinctive and one-of-a-kind. Light is still transmitted through the tint and it is fully removeable if you ever change your mind! Available in Dark, Medium and Light High Gloss/Matte shades.

Also available are specialty films - 
- Carbon
- Honeycomb
- Brushed
- Starpower

Ceramic Pro is a great way to protect your OEM paint or even your freshly wrapped car/truck/suv and even bike. CP helps to take the pain out of caring for your vehicle while protecting your resale value. CP is a hydrophobic, self cleaning, uv blocking, scratch inhibiting beast that lives to protect your vehicle so that you can enjoy it! Ceramic Pro is also the only ceramic coating that is recognized by CarFax and fully warrantied.

We have 5 packages for you to choose from:



Individual coating packages available upon request.

Our window films help to reduce cabin tempurature, reject harmful UV-A and UV-B rays and drastically improve the look of your vehicle. With a deep black color, excellent clarity and a lifetime warranty it's the perfect addition to your vehicle.

Available in:


GlassParency Window treatments are specially formulated to bond with your glass to give
you improved visibility in inclement weather. GlassParency helps to reduce nightime glares, water blindness
from splashing and heavy rain, along with making dirt, snow and even ice easier to remove!

We have 2 packages available - Windshield only and Whole car.

Ask us how we can protect your glass surfaces today!